VHS Hall of Fame

VHS Hall of Fame


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On April 3, the Verona High School Alumni Association was proud to host the 2014 Hall of Fame Induction Dinner. The evening was a toast to greatness, and a celebration of some of the outstanding contributions and achievements put forth by VHS alumni. Nearly 200 guests showed their excitement with several standing ovations honoring the esteemed inductees. Humbled acceptance speeches were overflowing with Hillbilly pride and illustrated the inductees’ desire to pay it forward, continuing to give back to students, school and the community.

The Verona High School Alumni Association wishes to thank our many alumni volunteers and Chairperson Erika Balestro Desimone along with Emcee Scott Chesney for an outstanding job, Rob Frungillo and the staff of the ‘Villa” for a wonderfully executed evening, and all the program sponsors and guest of our honorees.  Congratulations once again to our Hall Of Fame inductees:  Paul “Doc” Goeltz, Anthony Carsillo, 1957-58 VHS Soccer Team, Jack Wickham, Herb Babb, Steve Aldiero, Col. Joseph Simonelli, Jr.


We would like to remind everyone that the Hall of Fame nomination forms can be downloaded here:

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Thomas Sellitto - Honoree with daughter, Mary Curcio November 2010

Thomas Sellitto – Honoree with daughter, Mary Curcio November 2010

The Verona High School Alumni Association proudly presents the presentation of the “Wall of Fame”  located in the front lobby of Verona High School.  This dedicated collaboration is on behalf of the Alumni Hall of Fame Committee and Verona High School.  The prestigious art work was designed by Matthew Beneduce McGrath.  The unveiling of the “Wall” was held November 24th, 2010 in leiu of the Hall of Fame Annual Dinner.  Honored recipients present included Tom Sellitto (administrator), Rich Camp (accomplished alumni), Terence Dean (42′ golf team),  Tim Bannon (athlete),  James Barrett (69′ baseball team), Debbie Kloss Festa (athlete), Don Gray (60′ football team),  Fred Hill (honorary hillbilly), Bev Mortenson for Eric Mortenson (honorary hillbilly), Mike Inglesino (60′ football team), Steve Janett (community service), Norman Liedke (athlete), Lynn Bannon for Bob Bannon (honorary hillbilly), Mike Passero (community service), Amy Tortorella McCarthy(athlete), MaryAnn Rotella for Al Rotella(coach), Gary Kistner (69′ baseball team), Joe Pirello (administrator), Frank Albano(athlete), George Steifbold (coach/76′ boys soccer team).   In all over 100 guests  were present including Glenn Cesa, principal VHS and Chuck Sampson superintendent of Verona Schools.  We wish to thank everyone that attended and Frungillo Caterers for their professional catering services.  The committe is currently working on the 2012 Hall of Fame event and will post here for details.                

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Paul “Doc” Goeltz-Coach                                                                                                                 Jack Wickham-Community Service-Class of 1958                                                                          Anthony Carsill0-Community Service-Class of 1971                                                                     Herbert Babb-Administrator                                                                                                              Steve Aldiero-Athlete-Class of 1986                                                                                                Colonel Joseph A Simonelli Jr.-Accomplished Alumni-Class of 1983

2012  Hall of Fame Inductees

Anthony Fasano–Athlete-Class of 2002                                                                                   Dawn Scott Mulligan-Athlete-Class of 1985                                                                                1952 State Championship Football Team                                                                                  Dutch Wermuth-Coach                                                                                                                  Major General Donald Strait–Accomplished Alumni, Class of 1936                                     Tom Valente-Administrator                                                                                                      Dwight  Hemion–Arts, Accomplished Alumni-Class of 1944

2009 Hall of Fame Inductees

Tim Bannon-Athlete-Class of 1973                                                                                                  Robert Krasner-Accomplished Alumni-Class of 1964
Jay Mohr-Accomlished Alumni-Class of 1988
Harry Owens-Administrator
1942 Boys Golf Team
1969 Boys Baseball Team
Michael Passero-Community Service-Class of 1971

2008 Hall of Fame Inductees

Bob Charman-Accomlished Alumni-Class of 1953
Norm Liedtke-Athlete-Class of 1969
Al Rotella-Coach/Educator
Fred Hill Sr-Honorary Hillbilly

2007 Hall of Fame Inductees

Salvador Camarata-Accomplished Alumni-Class of 1931
Richard C. Camp-Accomplished Alumni-Class of 1959
Patrick Sullivan-Athlete-Class of 1969
Amy Tortorella McCarthy-Athlete-Class of 1990
1957 Boys Basketball Team
Dr. Benedict LoCicero-Administrator
George Stiefbold-Coach

2006 Hall of Fame Inductees

Brian Crockett-Accomplished Alumni-Class of 1977
Cara Hudson Brown-Athlete-Class of 1982
Steve Janett-Community Service-Class of 1974
Sven Peterson-Administrator-Class of 1945
1960 Boys Football Team
Tom Morris-Coach/Educator

2005 Hall of Fame Inductees

Frank Albano-Accomplished Alumni-Class of 1975
Mel Behney-Athlete-Class of 1965
Doug Gaffney-Coach-Class of 1960
1981 Boys Tennis Team
Joseph Pirrello-Administrator
Robert Bannon-Honorary Hillbilly

2004 Hall of Fame Inductees

William “Bucky” Hatchett-Athlete-Class of 1945
Jed Graef-Accomplished Alumni-Class of 1960
Deborah Kloss Festa-Athlete-Class of 1985
1976 Boys Soccer Team
Thomas Sellitto-Administrator
Eric Mortenson-Honorary Hillbilly

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